We think young people are great at St James. 
We want to see you have fun, make new friends and grow in faith. We believe you are loved and created for a purpose. We believe that the next generation can change the world and invite you to be part of that story.

We can't wait to launch our face-to-face youth events again in September 2021! Contact Matt Courtney if you're new to us and/or want to get more involved! 

MidweekYouth ConnectYouth Connect meets fortnightly, Thursdays at 6.30-8pm, for many exciting activities and opportunities for young people to make friends, and grow in their faith.

We hang out, play games, eat waffles (the good type, not the potato ones) and have space to look at the bible and ask those questions you don't always have time to ask. 

We have the occasional outing, our current mission is to find the best dessert bar in Liverpool. We are enjoying this mission immensely. 

Youth connect is for year 7 upwards.


Seniors: year 6+

On Sundays at our 4pm service we gather for fun, games, laughter and to explore all that God has for us.  Click here to find out more about our Sunday groups for 0-14 year olds STJ Kids groups


Burn - Liverpool Youth Worshipping Jesus

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Burn is a monthly youth service for 14-18 year olds meeting at St James in the city at 6:30-8pm. The first half an hour is purely social, with games such as table tennis and table football, as well as plenty of pizza, pop and sweets to go around. We then proceed into the main content of the evening, consisting of a team game, upbeat, contemporary sung worship, and a short talk. The talks focus on larger topics such as identity, satisfaction, freedom etc, which young people can respond to during the evening and further explore these topics on their respective youth groups. 

So wherever you are at with God, faith and church, we invite you to come and join the movement of Liverpool youth who will hold nothing back in worship and tell the world that God is still here and is worth shouting about. 

Join us 6.30-8 pm at St James in the City, Upper Parliament Street. Everyone is welcome but this is aimed at 14-18 year olds. Contact for more information.


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