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The Jericho project is an independent ecumenical homeless outreach project that was founded in 2000.  It is inspired by the story of the good Samaritan on the road to Jericho found in Luke 10:29.

We go into the city centre in a team of 2-3 on weekends and currently have two teams.  Our aim when engaging our friends on the street is to meet their immediate needs, both physically and spiritually.  We signpost services, make referrals, listen and pray with the people we meet as well as giving a hot drink, sandwich and food parcels.

We find being a listening ear one of our most important services, many times before we have even poured the coffee, people are in tears telling us about their troubles.  It is a real privilege to be able to listen and to pray about these issues if the person would like that, which most do.  We share our personal stories when appropriate to encourage people and help them practically whenever we can.

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In 2018-2019, Simon Lee, the leader of Jericho had a sabbatical as he discerned the future of the project.  In this time Jennie came to St James on placement while in vicar school and through prayer one day had a vision of the Jericho Project and St James coming together to do outreach in the City Centre.  Jennie is a friend of Simon and his lovely wife and after speaking to Simon it was clear that this was where God was leading.  Being a city centre church, this ministry is local to us and is an important part of loving God’s people. 

So, we have since partnered, and it has been great working together to make a bigger difference.  Many of our volunteers are from St James but we encourage people from other denominations and churches to volunteer with the Jericho project. 

Due to the recent impact of Covid-19 we are in need of more funds and volunteers: if you’d like to get involved please contact Jennie or Simon.


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