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We love because He first loved us. [1 John 4:19] 

The Tent of Meeting

As you may have heard, we used to meet inside a tent within St James' church. We enjoy the resemblance it shares with the 'tent of meeting' in the Old Testament. We're reminded that in worship, thanks to Jesus, we're called to come confidently into God's glorious presence.

We treasure corporate times of encounter with God on Sundays, and at our regular Encounter nights.

Musically, we're quite contemporary and like to keep our songs fresh and creative. But equally, we like to sing songs of years gone by with some well-known hymns. Our worship is charismatic and each Sunday we seek an atmosphere where the fruits and gifts of the Spirit can grow and flourish. Once a month we celebrate Holy Communion.


Expression of Worship

At STJ, we love to worship God through many different creative expressions. We believe that our lives are to reflect an attitude of worship and service. We also value our Anglican tradition in our use of liturgy and we love to dance especially in our family worship songs. 


Worship transforms us to become more like Jesus, and as a church we know that this is the key to seeing His kingdom come. It is out of the sacred space of worship, with eyes raised upwards that we are equipped to reach outwards to our community.

Worship in the Community

Worship is of such importance to our church life that we have a full time Creative Director Matt Courtney and a part time Worship Assistant, Lois Pritchard. Matt and Lois spend half of their working time on facilitating Sunday's and weekly worship within STJ and the other half helping to developing creative teams across the wider city, in schools with the LNG team and further across the nation through the New Wine network. 

We try to put worship of Jesus at the heart of everything we do and to make this happen we need people with a passion for worship and for Jesus.

Our Worship Ministry:

If you're interested in joining any of these worship projects, click below to find out more and contact our Assistant Pastor Matt

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