Sing to the Lord a New Song  

On Sunday 16th, 23rd and 30th January, Jude, Jennie and Michelle will be laying out our vision for the next year, featuring our new Vision Booklet (click link below) - if you'd like to watch these again, you can catch up on our Youtube Channel.  

Vision Booklet 2022

Letter from Jude January 2022        
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We are asking each member at St James to prayerfully consider their giving and to give as generously as possible. You will see from the Vision Booklet that the money that we are hoping to raise will be towards the following: 

New Song – Creative Mission & Church Life
With a newly renovated building, with all the big life questions that Covid has brought to people, and with strong inroads into local Schools, Universities and different communities across the city, we have a tremendous opportunity to creatively re-imagine Christian mission and Church life. We don’t know what this will look like exactly, and you may have some of the ideas that will help us move forwards. Some things may remain much the same, but we want to be ready to respond to the doors God opens and we anticipate this requiring additional finance. One example of this is our new 6.30pm service which will take a different shape to reach different people. Amongst our young people we would love to host a 5.30pm youth gathering in the loft and a wider monthly youth service. We are exploring the possibility of an after-School group for primary age children (Kids Connect). There are also a variety of ways in which the Brewery, Minis and other ministries could be developed to reach more people. Whatever we decide to do, it will require additional finance, as will buying chairs, TVs, sound & AV kit, sofas, notice/promo material and all the other Church furnishings, equipment and increased heating costs as we inhabit our building more.  
Additional finance required: £6000 
Stabilise Church Finances

The financial impact of Covid is still with us. There has been tremendous generosity across the Church as we’ve responded to the building project, Love Your Neighbour and other priorities over the past 12 months, but we need to increase our giving base if we are to maintain our current ministries. We anticipate needing at least an additional £5,000 this year, to avoid impacting our current Church financial reserves, and to give us a platform from which we can securely explore the New Songs God is calling us to sing.
Additional finance required: £5,000

Total Additional Finance Required: £11,000

We are so grateful for the sacrificial giving of our church family!


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